Wendy Williams Admits To Spying On Her Neighbors: ‘I Peep And I Tom’

Wendy Williams admitted to an eyebrow-raising habit she picked up during coronavirus quarantine during her appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

The talk show host told Meyers that she’s taken up spying on her neighbors with binoculars to pass the time, and one neighbor, in particular, is the focus of her attention.

“There’s an apartment building across, and the man takes showers,” Williams said. “And the shower is right there at the window. And I watch.”

Meyers asked how much she can see, and she replied, “head-to-ankle,” to which Meyers informed her is “borderline criminal.”

“I peep, and I tom,” Williams countered wittily.

The two hosts also discussed their respective experiences recording their shows during the coronavirus pandemic, with Williams appearing virtually for her interview from the Wendy Williams Show set. The show returns for season 12 on September 21 and will film with no studio audience.

“I can’t wait for my cohosts to be back,” Williams said of recording with minimal crew. “Right now, we are on total lockdown here at the show. Everyone, including me.”

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