Wendy Williams Apologized To Evelyn Lozada And Made Up

Wendy Williams Apologized To Evelyn Lozada And Made Up

Wendy Williams sat down with Evelyn Lozada and apologized to the Basketball Wives star for their fallout.

Williams had been vocal about her desire to apologize to Lozada for shady comments she made about Evelyn’s relationship with her son’s father Carl Crawford, years ago.

At the time, Evelyn made sure to check Wendy in her response, claiming that Williams’ then-husband Kevin Hunter had purchased shoes for another woman in her Miami shoe store.

The two women seemed happy to reconnect in their interview today. And Wendy admitted to her fault in their feud.

“I wanted to apologize to you because I believe exactly what you said,” Wendy started.

Williams went on to explain to the audience that her off-handed remark, calling Crawford a “walking cash register,” hurt Evelyn’s feelings and caused her to clap back and Wendy and exposed her husband’s cheating ways.

Evelyn also clarified that Wendy’s ex-husband never came in the store to purchase the shoes himself, he always sent an assistant, and she knew it wasn’t for Wendy because she knew who he was buying the shoes for.

“Anybody but me because I wear an 11 and a half, so clearly if you’re buying a size 8…” Wendy said before shifting the conversation.

“Anyway, so we’ve made up I’m glad for that,” Wendy said happily.

Lozada also admitted that it was a difficult time for her after having her son 21 years after her first child.

“At the time we were in Arizona, my family was in town so it not only hurt me, but my family was also like ‘what the hell’ you know,” regarding Wendy’s remark.

Evelyn also took the time to apologize to Wendy saying, “I’m also so sorry for handling that situation the way I did because I know that you have a son, and you know I wasn’t thinking about him with my comments.”

Evelyn also made sure to dispel the recent rumors that she was dating singer Mark Anthony, telling Wendy that the two were friends and she’s actually known him for over a decade.

“Everyone took that and ran,” Lozada explained. “First of all, I got permission from him, I said hey we’re staying at your house is it if we take a photo, he said yes no problem, mi casa, su casa.”


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