Wendy Williams Becomes Emotional Discussing Her Plans To Keep Kevin Hunter’s Last Name

Wendy Williams reveals the one thing that she is keeping from her broken marriage.

This past April, the gossip queen of TV talk filed for divorce from her husband #KevinHunter. And since then, Williams has capitalized on new business ventures in an effort to reclaim her life and career. But, in the 21 years that Williams was married to Hunter, she says there is one thing she will always hold on to.

During an interview with SiriusXM’s The Karen Hunter Show, the 55-year-old became emotional while discussing the ordeal, saying she is “going through a situation.” The host immediately burst into tears after being asked if there was a chance she and Hunter could reconcile their issues. “No, don’t ask! No!” she said. “Girl, no. Don’t ask. I know what you’re saying, but my family is good, and we’ll always be family,” Williams said.

Williams explained that while she plans on getting rid of her husband, she plans on keeping Hunter’s last name. “No, my name is Wendy Hunter,” she said. “That’s my son’s name, and you can’t take away 20 [years]… Don’t make me cry.” Williams and Hunter decided to split after it was discovered that Hunter had allegedly fathered a son with his longtime mistress #SharinaHudson.

Would you keep your cheating ex-husband’s last name?

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