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Wendy Williams Claps Back At Bow Wow’s Body-Shaming Comments

Wendy Williams is defending herself against BowWow after the rapper threw shots at her physique.

The Columbus, Ohio native made headlines after he insulted the gossip queen on her physical appearance. This came after Williams discussed Bow’s latest antic,  in which he dissed Ciara while performing their song in a club. During his performance, the rapper yelled out “I had this b*tch first,” referring to Ciara.

The news was featured as one of Williams’ “Hot Topics” on her daytime talk show, which prompted her to take a jab at Bow’s height in Ciara’s defense. In response, on Sunday night, Bow took to Twitter and posted a body-shaming tweet, which read “They say it’s a hot girl summer.” But Bow’s words weren’t enough to stifle Williams’ vibe, as sources close to Williams say she is unbothered by the reality TV star.

Apparently, Williams went on to say that Bow, whose real name is #ShadMoss, should have kept his words to himself unless they were positive. In regards to Williams height-shaming Bow, Williams says she was simply just telling the truth.

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