Judge Gives Greenlight to Kevin Hunter's $10 Million Lawsuit Against Wendy Williams’ Talk Show Producers
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Wendy Williams’ Ex-Husband Says He’s Broke & Facing Foreclosure After Alimony Checks Stopped

It looks like it’s time for Wendy Williamsex-husband Kevin Hunter to grab a job application from the local Waffle House after revealing he’s out of cash since his alimony from the talk show guru has stopped.

The 49-year-old filed court docs, obtained by The Sun, that explained that his monthly installments from Williams ceased in February 2022. Now, Hunter is requesting a judge order the people handling Williams’ finances to resume payments “as contractually required under the MSA and Severance Agreement.” He claims that the alimony was his primary source of income and that most of his bills are now overdue, including his car insurance. What’s more troubling is that he can no longer afford to pay the homeowner association fees in his neighborhood, now facing foreclosure on the home he shares with his mistress-turned-fiancé, Sharina Hudson, and their child.

The Wendy Williams Show host was placed in a financial guardianship earlier this year after stories of misappropriated funds not being distributed to her properly surfaced. Williams’ financial woes were also exacerbated after her show was canceled in October 2021. Williams has not been paid any more money from the network and has not had any paying gigs or appearances. Per their divorce settlement, alimony payments were to be adjusted or canceled if Williams’ was not working.

Hunter was once an executive producer on the popular talk show that ran for 12 years, though Wendy had not hosted it since 2020. Her deteriorating health, which included stints in rehab, has been attributed to the show’s downfall. Earlier this year, Hunter claimed he was opening an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn called Loreta, though the status remains unknown.

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