Wendy Williams Finally Announces A Return Date For Her Talk Show

Wendy Williams has announced a return to her talk show after a two-month-long hiatus for “health reasons.”

Page Six is reporting that Wendy, who had been missing from her daytime show since December, will finally make a return to the show on Monday, March 4th.

The show’s production company, Debmar- Mercury released a statement on Thursday to announce the news. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

“Wendy Williams is an incredible talent with the most unique voice in daytime; We can’t wait to welcome her back to her iconic purple chair on the set of her show…”

The statement thanked all of the celebrity guest hosts and panelists who helped fill in for Wendy and thanked fans for their loyalty and support.

Wendy had been on hiatus to concentrate on treating her Graves’ disease. According to reports, she was receiving long term hospital care during that time but was recently spotted out, running errands with a friend in Florida.

Rumors have swirled for the last few months that Wendy was also dealing with a bunch of different personal issues, including her husband’s alleged long term affair and claims of a history of abuse between the couple.

The Wendy Williams show had an eclectic group of celebrity guest hosts like Nick Cannon, Michael Rapaport, and Jerry O’Connell filling in for her, and ratings seemed to indicate that the show was doing fine without her.

Wendy released a separate statement to thank her team as well saying “Salute to Debmar-Mercury for believing from the start and thanks to my staff for tirelessly holding it down for me.”

Check out Wendy’s return on Monday, March 4th.

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