Wendy Williams Gets Dragged By The BeyHive After She Claims Beyoncé Needs AutoTune To Perform Live

Just days after Fergie’s All-Star national anthem performance, Wendy Williams took to her television show to discuss the poorly received rendition.

In her discussion, Williams went on to chalk Fergie’s performance up to a need for autotune. In fact, the talk show host even name-dropped a few other artists who she believed needed autotune to perform live.

“There are only a few people who can sing raw dog and Fergie is not one, she needs autotune,” she said, as she listed additional performers. “Jen Lopez needs autotune, Janet needs autotune, Beyonce needs autotune. Adele, Aretha, Celine, Dionne Warwick, and Mariah, they need nothing. They sing raw dog.”

Williams’ comments quickly went viral, with the beyhive polluting the talk show host’s mentions with receipts and facts. Even beylite, one of Beyoncé’s most prominent fan pages pulled out the receipts for Williams, sharing a video of the Queen singing “1+1” with no assistance.

Auto tune?! Where sir? #SitYOLetterPshapedBodyDown #Gumby

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Others took to Twitter to simply drag the host for her outlandish comments, with one writing, “Imagine thinking Beyoncé — one of the most technically flawless and consistent vocalists in popular music, always delivering pitch-perfect LIVE vocals —needs autotune. Beyoncé’s never even been in the same room as auto-tune.”

Another wrote, “Saw a clip where Wendy Williams said that Beyoncé needs autotune to sing and I felt personally attacked. There MUST be TWO Beyoncé’s or something. She’s just talking to talk at this point. That proper had me upset for like 5 minutes.”

Is Wendy Williams just talking for shock value? It’s hard to believe that she was serious about that statement. Two words – Resentment – Live!


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