Wendy Williams Offers Book Deal To Dee Barnes And Plans To Produce Film About Dr. Dre Assault Story

Pioneer hip hop journalist Dee Barnes appeared on The Wendy Williams Show this week to update on her current housing situation after making headlines for being homeless. She shared that $30,000 has been raised in donations, although she’s still temporarily living with a friend while the funds clear with GoFundMe.

What Barnes didn’t expect was that Wendy was very invested in her story and finding a way to help. Wendy asked Dee if she was sexually assaulted during the well-known beating she received at the hands of legendary music producer Dr. Dre, Dee’s response was silence. However, she did reveal that ‘Set It Off’ director F. Gary Gray did blackball her from auditioning for the movie following the incident.

Wendy didn’t like what she heard regarding Dee and her daughter’s living situation and donated $15k to assist in finding a new home. Wendy then offered Dee a publishing deal to tell her story as well as extending her hand in producing a movie to bring Barnes’ story to life.

What a blessing!

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