Wendy Williams Reveals She Had A One Night Stand With Method Man

Wendy Williams Reveals She Had A One Night Stand With Method Man

During a radio interview with DJSUSSONE this afternoon, Wendy Williams revealed a time when she smoked a blunt and had a one night stand with Method Man during her coke days.

In the interview, DJSUSSONE says, “that wasn’t in the movie!”

Wendy then says the memory wasn’t “Wendy Williams: The Movie,” because she thinks Method Man is still mad at her for “being herself and telling the truth.” She described that night in the club when a fight had broken out, and the whole Wutang crew was present.

She said that he yelled to her, “Yo Wendyyyyy.” She said that Method Man was “so f*cked up,” all she could do was smell the weed on him and that his weed was better than hers.

At the time, Method Man had rolled a blunt because Wendy only rolled joints, and they were smoking when the gunshots went off, and they decided to leave.

Wendy said she batted her lashes and grabbed Method Man by the hand, and they ducked off to her NJ penthouse for a sneaky link up, where she claims she bathed him in her jacuzzi hot tub, smoked more blunts, and had sex.

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