Wendy Williams Says She’s Taking Her Life Back After Split From Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams says she has taken back her career after it was mismanaged by her ex-husband Kevin Hunter.

During an FWD conference in Charlotte, NC, Williams revealed the best career advice to give to a woman versus a man. Amid the discussion, Williams opened up about how Hunter wouldn’t give her the details on deals he’d produce as her manager. 

“Kev and the team would show up…and wouldn’t tell me until he knew the deal was done,” Williams explained. For a great amount of Williams’ career, Hunter acted as her manager and had an immense amount of control over her daytime talk show. “I want to be in on every meeting until the deal is done, this is how I roll,” she said, adding she is now totally in charge of her business affairs. 

Wendy also said it’s best to wait until your 30s to have children. “Kids get in the way,” Williams said, as she explained that she loves children, but women should focus on their careers goals first and have a family later on in young adulthood. 

It’s been nearly three months since Willams filed for divorce from Hunter. But she has spent the time separating from the broken marriage and reviving her health and career. 

Wendy Williams takes her life back
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