Wendy Williams Wants Kevin Hunter Back…As Her Business Partner

Wendy Williams could be giving her ex-husband another chance.

New reports claim the daytime talk show host is “softening her position” towards her decision to remove Hunter as her manager. Daily Mail reports Williams changed her mind about shutting down their dual-operated company, publishing house and charitable foundation, as sources say she is looking to keep her previous arrangement with Hunter.

Daily Mail also reports the former couple may be close to a settlement agreement. “Wendy and Kevin’s marriage might be over, but they still have love for one another, and she realizes that when it comes to business they had a great partnership, there was definitely magic there,’ a source close to the couple told DailyMail.com. “Since he left the business, there’s been a lot of infighting and back-biting behind the scenes, that’s the kind of stuff Kevin kept a handle on. Of course, Wendy was furious with Kevin over his affair, she felt he had publicly humiliated her, and she wanted to come out fighting, but she’s since softened her view of him and wants an amicable divorce.”

Williams filed for divorce back in April after rumors claimed that his alleged side piece Sharina Hudson was expecting a love child. Despite the drama, reports said the two mutually part ways. 

But now, Williams’ shocking change of mind is allegedly due to the gossip queen wanting to “preserve her legacy” and she also allegedly wants to stop Hunter from trying to get alimony.

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