Wendy's Chili Is Headed To A Grocery Store Near You

Wendy’s Chili Is Headed To A Grocery Store Near You

Wendy’s Chili may have gotten a bad rep over the years, but the company is ready to bring its famous menu item to grocery stores nationwide.

The fast food chain has joined forces with Conagra Brands to bring the new chili to the canned food aisle. Each can of Wendy’s Chili with Beans is packed with all-natural beef, peppers, beans, and a tomato-based sauce. The recipe guarantees the same flavor that consumers have flocked to buy since its introduction in 1969.

Conagra Brands lead Juliette van de Walle, who has assisted heavily with the can food’s rollout, says the company is “thrilled to partner with Wendy’s.” In a press release last week, she said the food manufacturing company worked closely with the burger chain and its culinary team to ensure they included the right ingredients in each container. Carl Loredo, global chief marketing officer for Wendy’s, shared in this excitement, looking forward to bringing their popular menu item to even more customers who don’t typically eat fast food.

“When the Wendy’s chili craving hits, you now have two delicious ways to get your fix – at retail stores or in our restaurants,” Loredo stated.

In 2022, Wendy’s chili was thrust into the news when a TikToker who claimed to be a Wendy’s employee documented how the spicy stew is made. According to the creator, the chili is made using old leftover beef patties saturated with water, ground up, and re-frozen. Health experts flew into an uproar over these allegations, urging people to leave the chili in the past for good. In 2005, a more morbid controversy plagued the company when a woman claimed to have found a piece of a finger inside her chili cup. The situation turned out to be a lie, but the damage remained. Still, the chili was able to bounce back and is a mostly permanent menu staple, depending on the location.

Wendy’s Chili with Beans will begin popping up on the canned food sections of supermarkets in the upcoming weeks, with a suggested retail price of $4.99 per can.

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