Wendy's Responds to Migos' Claim That if You Sing Major Bag Alert "You'll Get a Free Double Cheeseburger"

Wendy’s Responds to Migos’ Claim That if You Sing Major Bag Alert “You’ll Get a Free Double Cheeseburger”

Radio personality, Angie Martinez, was hanging out with hip-hop group Migos on June 15 when they broke out singing Major Bag Alert.

“You know if you got to Wendy’s and say that you’ll get a free double cheeseburger,” the Migos added. Naturally, this prompted Martinez to look into the claim further. She later tweeted, “Can someone @Wendys please confirm or deny?? Will breaking out into “Bag alert, major bag alert” at Wendy’s really get you a free cheeseburger?”

Wendy’s responded to Angie Martinez’s question on June 16. “Try it and see what happens,” the account responded with a retweet. “You’ll get a free Jr Bacon Cheeseburger with any purchase in the app,” adding that “this one is just for fun.”

Confused? Well, one Twitter-using law firm chastised Wendy’s, saying, “Your disclaimer isn’t clear enough.”

Many fans tried it out in hopes of receiving free food.  One customer claimed on Twitter that they were given “sweet and sour sauce instead” after supposedly singing “Major Bag Alert.” Another person sang into the microphone while ordering from their car, and then posted this video for our pleasure. And there you have it: singing “bag alert, major bag alert” at your local Wendy’s is unlikely to result in free food.



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