West Virginia Mom Who Killed Her Kids And Step-Kids Practiced Witchcraft

A West Virginia woman who fatally shot all three of her children and two step-children before burning down the family home practiced witchcraft.

According to The Daily Mail, Oreanna Myers, 25, posted rituals and jars of dead butterflies to her social media. On Myers Instagram, @glowing_goddess520 posted the insects just three weeks before the murder-suicide.

“Made me some insect jars. This a thing or just an Oreanna thing? Lol Xoxox,” she captioned the post with some emojis.

On November 11, she made several posts about the “most powerful manifestation day of the century,” along with posts of her performing a ritual at 11:11 p.m. 

Weeks later, on December 8, Myers shot dead the five children before burning the house down with the children’s bodies inside. After shooting each of the children, she penned a confession saying, “I was not strong enough to fight these demons.” She then went outside and turned the gun on herself.

The children have been identified as Shaun Dawson Bumgarner, 7, Riley James Bumgarner, 6, Kian Myers, 4, Aarikyle Nova Myers, 3, and Haiken Jirachi Myers, 1.

The local sheriff revealed that Myers was upset with her husband, Brian Bumgarner, for staying with relatives during the week due to transportation issues. It was easier for him to get back to work. Text messages between the couple showed there was tension over the living situation. 

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