What Did These Celebs Have In Common In 2023? - SUCCESS
Beyoncé, Viola Davis, Fantasia

What Did These Celebs Have In Common In 2023? – SUCCESS

For some, 2023 was the year of elevation. We received a new EGOT recipient, a tour and film that knocked our socks off, Grammy nominated albums, a version of The Color Purple we never knew we needed and so much more. All of these celebs ended 2023 with major success.


After years of playing Celie on Broadway, we finally got the chance to witness Fantasia on the big screen as Celie in the latest The Color Purple. Many described this moment as Fantasia’s second shot at fame. Now, she’s on the cover of magazines, interviewing on major networks and whether you follow her or not, her face and grace is bound to come across your timeline. Cheers to our American Idol who may soon become our Golden Globe winner.

Beyoncé “Successful” Knowles

2022 and 2023 belongs to the queen if we’re being fair. After dropping the Renaissance album in 2022, Bey announced her world tour. For the past year we’ve seen social media full of metallic silver, bedazzled cowboy attire and the many outfits of the Renaissance World Tour. But she didn’t stop there. Renaissance the film followed and with just as much pomp and circumstance as the tour, the Bey Hive filled seats across the U.S to continue showing support for the Queen. Let’s be honest, she’s your favorites, favorite and after a sold out tour and a film that scored 100% on rotten tomatoes, successful is her middle name. And if killing it here in the U.S wasn’t enough, Bey just announced that the film will begin showing in theatres overseas.

Viola EGOT Davis

One of the highest recognitions for an actor/ actress is to become an EGOT recipient. This means you’ve won and Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony award. Ms. Viola Davis has done just that. She played in the movie Air this year and she’s starring in the latest revamp of The Hunger Games. Something tells me we are only witnessing the tip of the iceberg in regards to Mrs. Davis success.

Lola Brooke

UH, UH, UH, UHHHH is the sound that introduced Lola Brooke to the world. The Brooklyn rapper took over our airwaves and took us back to the 90s female flow of rap. Often compared to Lil Kim or Foxy Brown, Lola has that unique New York sound the game has been missing. After getting signed to Arista Records, gracing the cover of XXL Magazine with her fellow freshman class mates and releasing her debut album, it’s safe to say Lola has had a hell of a year.

Funny Marco

Who would’ve known that making videos in Walmart pranking people could lead you on stage with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. That’s the story of Funny Marco. In the past year he’s worked with Kevin Heart, Da baby, Nicki Minaj, played in movies and purchased a home. All while staying true to himself and his brand.

Victoria “From Her Mama” Monét

After years of writing music and being behind the scenes, this year became Victoria Monét’s moment to let the world know that she is “THE” artist. Jaguar II has topped the charts with her hit single On my Mama. She is now nominated for 12 Grammys and many other awards. While the trophies are continuously rolling in, Victoria makes sure she shows off her real trophies and her most prized possessions who come in the form of a toddler and a chiseled chest man, her husband and her daughter. It’s giving a 10/10 year for Ms. Get it From her Mama Monét.


Not every artist get the opportunity to have more than one prime in their career. After 30 years in the game, Usher is now back at the top as one of the most celebrated, sexy, talented R&B artist of our time. He just wrapped up a residency in Las Vegas where he seduced and schemed his way into multiple relationships and women’s hearts. Week after week he filled his shows and serenaded some of the most popular women in the industry, whether they were there alone or with their significant other. If that wasn’t enough, Usher will get the chance to serenade the world now that it has been announced that he will be headlining this years Super Bowl Halftime show. Dr. Raymond has definitely been working.

Yung Miami

Caresha, Please! Get your foot off our necks. This city girl stepped into the game talking about getting to the money and that is exactly what she has done. Being in a rap group just wasn’t enough. In the past year she has released an award winning podcast, sold out merch, graced the carpet at the Met Gala and released a new City Girls album. No matter who she’s dating, Caresha is an internet sensation, a hustler and seems to be an even better mother. We see you Reesh, get that money sis!

Kai Cenat

Kai Cenat is like that little brother everybody loves. He has taken streaming to the next level. In the past year we have seen him hang out with some of our favorite rappers including Drake, Offset and Nicki Minaj. His charming personality, humor and wit has taken him to the top allowing him to create a name for himself that shows no sign of stopping. You got to respect his hustle.

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