What Do Men Really Think About A Girl With A Weave?

I asked a bunch of my male Twitter followers today, what they thought about women and weaves. The answers ranged anywhere from “Yuck! Any girls with a weave are potentially bald” to “Embrace that weave, I don’t give a f*ck, I’ll still play in a woman’s weaved up head”. Let’s just say, the former was the guys initial thoughts…..well, until I broke them off with a little newsflash. 


“It’s funny how guys “hate weave” but all of the celebrity girls they drool over wear it!” says Braelyn, a hair stylist in Dallas, “Regardless if it’s a little clip in, They still wear it”. The men on the other hand refuse to believe this. “I don’t like weave, never really have. Not saying that it is a minus but being honest it is not a plus. Much rather prefer natural.” says Chris from Maryland. He then goes on to say “If she is pulling it off and making it look good yeah,  a girl with weave could still get it she just wouldn’t be my first or second choice” Now fellas, let’s be honest how do you REALLY know when a woman is wearing a weave?


I don’t know many men who aren’t experts in haircare that can successfully identify a weave over natural hair. Many often speculate and assume. It is assumed that the girl who is full black is wearing a weave, or the girl that has a short hairstyle obviously isn’t. Problem is, this often isn’t the case. Hollywood starletts are notorious for rocking extensions. Yes fellas, it’s true Kim Kardashian rocks a weave, Paris Hilton rocks a weave, and in case you forgot: Beyonce and Rihanna rock weaves too. You’ll never hear men say they’d turn these women down. Truth of the matter is, as long as its laid on your head nicely, a man can’t tell if it’s a weave or not.


Instead of men saying they hate weaves, what they really mean to say is:


“I hate to be able to tell that you are wearing a weave”


There is not a single man that I know who would choose a woman with fried edges and alopecia over a woman who wore a weave, just because she was “natural”. Every man wants a woman who looks nice and at the end of the day as long as your hair looks good, he’ll still holla.  A man would turn down this:

to get to this:

regardless of which lies he’d like for you to believe. If a woman chose a beautiful natural style, he’s probably choose her too, only problem is, he still doesn’t know if it’s a weave. Nor can he tell if a short hair style is a weave (which it very well could be).


The lesson is ladies, men don’t want to be able to tell you are wearing a weave. Keep the tracks hidden, the glue clean and the hair laid. If a man is truly adamant that you do not rock extensions, kindly ask him for the money it takes to upkeep your natural tresses. Please and Thank you. 

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