What do You Do When Your Man Has A Baby?

If you were dating or married to a guy and he had a baby (before or during the relationship) what would you do? While watching past episodes of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and looking at Shay and Scrappy’s situation it got me to thinking. How would you behave if you were in this situation?


Do you question paternity? The first time you hear that your man may be expecting (or that a baby has surfaced) the first thought is to be in disbelief. I mean, how in the world did he get another woman pregnant and not know, or tell you? You start to find every little thing that can prove that baby isn’t his. From the facial features, to the timing of the pregnancy, some things just don’t add up…or do they and you’re just in denial?


Do you play step mom?Some women come to realize that the “damage” is done and that there is nothing they can do but take on the role as step mom and be supportive of their man. Some say this is taking the high road, some think it is laying low to avoid a fight. Sometimes it ends happily ever after, other times the baby’s mother doesn’t approve. 


Do you not get involved? On the flip side, maybe you DON’T play step mom and leave your man to handle his responsibilities without your involvement. Not to say that you don’t still support him, but the baby is hisnot yours, right? If you really feel that you wouldn’t be able to be supportive and be a step mother, maybe it is best that you just don’t get too involved with anything having to do with your man and his child.


Do you remove yourself from the situation?Maybe you can’t handle the fact that your mate has another life that you have no involvement in. Maybe you just don’t want to risk getting attached to a child that isn’t yours. Either way, you bolt for the nearest door. Does it make you a bad person? Maybe not. Maybe it just makes you true to who you are. That’s got to count for something.


What would you do?

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