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What makes a soulmate? Is it really possible for two people to be destined to be together? Is it possible in this world of billions of people that two people are meant to run into each other cosmically and end up together? Is there a sign that tells you that that this person is your other half? A soulmate is defined as “a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity. This may involve similarity, love, romance, friendship, intimacy, sexuality, sexual activity, spirituality, or compatibility and trust.” 

I believe that soulmate is something more magical than the definition. Soulmates are two people who are brought together for whatever reason, and given a chance at true love. They complete each other, they connect on a different level than anyone else. The immediate attraction is sort of magnetic, something that feels as though the choice isn’t really there, you are meant to be. I don’t mean to say that there is only one person that could possibly be your soulmate as there are so many people in this world, that it just couldn’t be plausible. 

I have misinterpreted the word soulmate countless of times. I defined soulmate when I made even the smallest connection or bond with someone and the butterflies were undeniable. But that feeling always passed. Do the butterflies ever pass when you’re with your soulmate? Being able to call someone your soulmate takes more than just the same interest in music, same ideas on politics and morals. You can disagree about these things and still be soulmates. There’s something about the internal pull that you feel that cant be defined. Its almost as if two stars collided and became one. These single stars stood lonely until they came upon the star that completed them. There is a fire within that drives these people together, a fire so passionate that it’s hard to ignore. Almost as if it’s out of their hands.

People often refer to anyone they’re with as their soulmate. But the word soul is so profound and deep that simply because you’re in a relationship with another being does not mean that that person was meant to the be one that completes you. Sure, you can have a successful relationship with this person who you never feel really makes you whole, when you otherwise already felt whole.  You can feel comfortable and that’s why you stay in your relationship but the fact of the matter is that SO many people stay in wrong relationships because of comfort, because of routine.

Many might not feel the way I do about the term, but I am overly romantic, almost to a fault and optimistic when it comes to fairy tale endings. I know that logically fairy tales do not exist and that happy endings in romantic comedies are not the real way life operates. I know movies have filled out heads with these unrealistic scenarios of ever lasting, undeniable love and that the likelyhood of these scenes actually taking place in real life isnt realist.

But what if you do meet your soulmate? What if the thought of him or her is so bitter sweet that it’s almost painful? Half the time you aren’t sure if you’re in pain or in bliss and you can switch feelings in half a second. When you’re apart, you feel as though you’re incomplete. They fill your brain at all times, memories, songs, laughter. Time spent, time shared. Jokes that only the two of you can laugh at. This person activates a part of you that you werent aware existed. They touch you in places that you never knew could be touched, felt or understood. They accept you for the person that you are and love your imperfections. The curiousity to know this person on every level is undoubtly consuming. Even when you finally do know everything about this person, none of the bad bothers you, all of the good elates you, you accept every flaw and every inch of their personality wholeheartedly because these things are what makes them, them. Your soulmate, the one that completes you.

When I was younger, I met a young man that I thought was my soulmate. He gave me butterflies, and I couldnt stop thinking about him. When we were together, id dread knowing that we would eventually be apart. We had the same views on everything, we enjoyed each others company and I accepted every little part of him. We felt strongly drawn to each other but we didnt live close and he didnt make as much of an effort as I expected to visit me so, soon the words that he spewed about how strongly he felt about me, went in one ear and out of the other. The butterflies slowly but surely faded. 

The difference between this example and that of a soulmate connection is that there is nothing that can stop you from getting to this person. There is nothing that will stop you from being with this other being as being together makes you feel whole. The craving to be with this person is unstoppable. This person becomes a part of you, sort of like a limb. No one understands you more than them and it feels as though some cosmic alignment or destiny wanted and forced you together. All of your experiences, all of your pain, all of your failed romances, led you to this person. Only after meeting them, only after feeling that internal pull is that all of your past pain becomes null and void. 

Soulmates are rare to find, and who knows how many you might actually have in this world, it could be one or two, it could be ten or twelve, all of which you connect on different but just as strong levels,  but when you do actually find one, youll know it, because you wont be able to breathe way the same again. 

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