Gift You Ordered Didn't Make it in Time? Here's What You Can Do

Gift You Ordered Didn’t Make it in Time? Here’s What You Can Do

Uh oh! It’s Christmas, and your tracking information says the gift you ordered someone isn’t going to be delivered in time.

Whether you ordered too late or had a delay in service, there are ways to make up for a late gift on the day of Christmas.

Print out a picture. By printing out a photo of the gift this way, at least the receiver will know what they’re getting, and it ends their suspense of wondering what they got. Put the picture in a wrapped box or gift bag and a card explaining to the person what happened.

Gift them an experience. If the person you’re buying a gift for enjoys yoga, spas, or cooking, you can buy them a session. And thanks to technology, you can email them the details.

Get creative and make something. Some people enjoy thoughtful gifts. Make a coupon book or a memorable video. Thoughtful gifts go a long way because they’re typically kind-hearted.

Buy something else. If you just can’t stomach a late gift, buy something else. You may still have the option for a gift to be delivered with services like Amazon Prime. But if you’re going in-person, 24-hour stores open on holidays can save the day.

People tend to be understandable, so if all else fails, just let the person know the circumstances and that their gift is en route.

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