What To Do When You Aren’t Home For The Holidays (Covid-19 Edition)

What To Do When You Aren’t Home For The Holidays (Covid-19 Edition)

Whether you can’t afford it or you have to work, sometimes going home for the holidays isn’t an option. Especially when you’re in a pandemic. While it may be disappointing, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fulfilling and fun time on your own during the holidays. And with Covid-19, we have to play it smart to lessen the spread. Here are some tips for enjoying yourself and your family while staying home during the holidays amid the coronavirus. 

1. Link Up With People Online Who Also Didn’t Go Home For The Holidays 

Trust me: You’re not the only one stranded by yourself on the holidays. This is the best time to hit up the friends who also won’t be with family. Have a Zoom or FaceTime get-together, and spend the holiday with positive people in your circle. Or, if you live in a warm environment, plan a social-distancing-friendly gathering outside in a park or field. Make sure to wear your mask!

2. Deep Clean Your Home

Since you don’t have to go anywhere, you might as well catch up on some cleaning. This is the perfect time to clean every nook and cranny of your home. The same goes for running errands; take care of everything you couldn’t during your work hours. You’ll feel satisfied knowing you’ve completed your cleaning and to-do list just in time for the new year. 

3. Feed the Homeless/Help Facilitate Covid Testing 

Giving back is the ultimate way to gift someone. Look up local community service efforts around your city and spend some of your holidays helping out those who are less fortunate. Not only will you be providing a kind gesture, but your heart will also be much warmer after being a blessing to someone else. Covid testing groups are always looking for volunteers; you might as well get tested while you’re there.

4. Check Out Holiday Decorations Around Your City

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for a lot of reasons. And one of those reasons is the elaborate decorations. If you’re looking for some holiday cheer, drive around your city and gaze at the holiday lights, Christmas trees, Kwanzaa lights, wreaths, snowmen, menorahs, etc. Even though you won’t be home, seeing others celebrate the holidays will bring you joy. Plus, it’s perfect for getting some holiday cheer while staying away from others. 

5. Prep For The New Year

The holidays are here, which includes the new year. Ensure you clean your home, take out your trash, and buy yourself something new to bring into 2021. Also, pick up a 2021 calendar and planner for your New Years Resolutions. A vision board would also bring life to the journey you will in the new year. You could even plan a Zoom meeting with friends to do vision boards together virtually. 

6. Go On A Road Trip

You may not want to fly these days but maybe consider a personal road trip. If you’re frustrated that you’re not able to visit family, consider going on a solo adventure. These are the best moments to unwind, recollect yourself, and mentally prepare for your future. Make sure you send someone your GPS location, though. 


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