What You Should REALLY Be Doing This Weekend—5 Things

What You Should REALLY Be Doing This Weekend—5 Things

While I understand that not everyone may share my views, I believe it is a commonly known fact that celebrities do not party with regular people on Friday or Saturday nights, at least not locally.  If they do happen to make an appearance, it is usually just a brief walk-through before they head off to an exclusive VIP event at a private establishment or residence that is often unknown to the public, except perhaps for Baller Alert.  In the meantime, I would like to offer some tips for those who are interested in meeting and mingling with successful people.

  1. The Best Nights to Meet Successful People – Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays are often the best nights to meet successful people.  Use your weekends to rest and recover.  If you have a day job that keeps you occupied during the week, consider quitting or investing in Red Bull to keep you energized.  Remember, you need to be fully committed to this lifestyle.  Why go out during the week?  Because that is when regular people are resting up for the next day.  You need to be where the opportunities are, and that means being at VIP events.  See you on Tuesday night!
  2. Do Your Research – Spring is approaching, have you planned your vacations for the year?  Consider going to places like Cabo instead of Cancun, as that is where successful people tend to hang out.  Have you checked the schedules for NBA, NFL, or MLB games?  Where are they staying?  Who is in town next week?  What are you going to wear?  When is the next conference, game, or concert?  What city is it in?  Reach out to publicists to secure invitations to exclusive parties.  Hint: Kentucky Derby time is almost here.  Remember to disguise yourself and never reveal your true intentions.
  3. Get Enough Sleep – After a week of chasing after successful people, you need to take care of yourself.  Get enough sleep, and remember that your beauty sleep is your most valuable asset.  The more you sleep, the less you eat, so keep that body tight!
  4. Go Out – If you must go out, choose a low-profile spot like an upscale hotel bar.  However, make sure to research where successful people tend to stay before choosing a hotel.  Never take a chance, and always be prepared.  Have drinks alone or with a friend, and you might just run into the successful person you have been hoping to meet.  Remember to look your best.
  5. Maintain Your Appearance – Dedicate at least three hours every weekend to maintaining your appearance.  Keep your body silky smooth and hair-free.  You never know when that successful person might call, and you don’t want to be caught with bags under your eyes and prickly legs.

In conclusion, there is simply too much to do on the weekends if you are truly committed to meeting successful people.  You must use your time wisely to prepare for the upcoming week and ensure that you are ready to land that successful person when the opportunity arises.

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