What’s Going On? Kehlani, Kamaiyah, And Keyshia Cole Drama Explained

Kehlani and fellow Bay Area artist Kamaiyah have apparently ended their friendship, and the dispute seems to be revolving around Keklani’s hit single “All Me.” Keyshia Cole, who is featured in the song, is also featured in their beef.

It’s getting a little too hyphy online these days. The beef between the Oakland stars seemed to unfolded after Kamaiyah opened up about her issue on Instagram with a certain artist who remained nameless. During the livestream, Kamaiyah revealed where she grew up in Oakland and then said #KeyshiaCole can also verify where she is from, but another person could not. “Tell me where that other person from?” she said. “And I don’t answer no questions, I’m not answering no questions,” Kamaiyah said to viewers wanting to know if she was referring to Kehlani. She then said that the person she was referring to “knows what it is” and adding that the two have had ongoing issues for some time now. “I don’t f*ck with her at all. At all. She know why. That’s that,” the rapper said.

Without too much time passing, Kamaiyah’s statements reached Kehlani, which prompted her to address the matter on Twitter. “I’m STILL not speaking negatively on someone I once cared about. that i have a matching tattoo with. that i respected and admired. business didn’t work out on a collaborative project, i withdrew and got a “green light” on my family and friends. AND ITS STILL LOVE ON THIS SIDE.” Kehlani said, revealing Kamaiyah allegedly threatened her family.

She then posted another tweet writing, “Reached out countless amounts of times to be adults. to say ’you have been around my child.’ still met with internet antics, false rumors that don’t make any sense, and THREATS TO MY LIFE. & me all of a sudden not being from the same city that I was from when we were cool. we are ADULTS. I am still a fan. I still admire from afar. i’m still respectful. i’d never hurt this woman or get her hurt. praying for everyone involved cuz this is dumb, and it’s ultimately a LOSS for our city. so since no phone calls or texts have been answered in months, i’m responding here. you supposed to be happy, i’m VERY happy, and about to drop a project i’m super proud of just like you did a few months ago. us, our city, and the world should be focused on that. love!”

In the midst of their back and forth, Keyshia jumped on an Instagram Live with #JasonLee of Hollywood Unlocked and spilled her side of the story, saying she, like Kamaiyah, has also had problems with Kehlani. “Me and Kehlani kind of fell out or whatever. It’s always been some of kind of weird thing between Kehlani and I,” said Keyshia. Lee then mentioned that Keyshia and Kehlani did “All Me” together, but the song was initially supposed to have Kamaiyah on it as well. “So Kamaiyah called me to get on this record. I recorded my verse in less than an hour or two, sent them the record, had them mix it,” explained Keyshia. “A week later, I’m hitting Kamaiyah, ‘What’s up with the record?’ She’s like, ‘Man, they not putting it out. We not doing the album no more,’” Keyshia went on. She then detailed how she tried to get them to speak to one another, but neither artist was up to it, saying that’s when she also fell out with Kehlani.

Kamaiyah ended up going back on Instagram Live, explaining how the “All Me” was released without her verse and without warning. “I feel like it never should have came out. I never wanted ‘All Me’ to come out, and she wanted ‘All Me’ to come out… It was our song, we did a project together… if anything, I was genuine. My problem came from the disrespect. It was out of hand. It was on some, ‘Oh you’re Black, you’re ghetto, you’re not tasteful.’” Kehlani has since cleared up Kamaiyah’s allegations that she is a colorist and said  she only wants to promote love as well as her new album It Was Good Until It Wasn’t, which comes out May 8.

She ended her comments saying, “as for any deleted tweets, it’s because it’s all a serious topic that deserves a real-life bigger conversation with words you can hear coming from my mouth not reading. Which can be photoshopped, manipulated, etc. i’ve seen it all. OK, TALK TO U SOOOOON I LUUUUV UUUUU.” Still, Kamaiyah claims Kehlani is playing victim in the entire ordeal.

What’s your take?

KEhlani and Kamaiyah

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