When a Married Woman Doesn't Want a Baby But Her Man Does - by @milagreee - Baller Alert

When a Married Woman Doesn’t Want a Baby But Her Man Does – by @milagreee

Freshly married couple, still cant keep their hands off of each other. They are in honeymoon bliss. The only issue is that he soon discovers that his wife doesn’t want to have children. The stereotype is that women dream of this lovely family with a white picket fence, two or three kids running around and a loving husband. But what if this husband married a woman who doesn’t want kids? She doesn’t want to ruin her figure? She doesn’t want to lose out on a prominent career? Something that should have been discussed prior to tying the knot but wasn’t, now presents an issue.

Some women want to pursue a thriving career and don’t want to focus on having children. Granted, balancing a career and children can be quite difficult but, hey the generation before us did it. Some men don’t want their woman working at all, they prefer to be the bread winner, and the wife stays home and cooks and cleans. That brings me to compromise. Things like this can be compromised, but having children and raising a family often cannot.

A man can want a family just as much as a woman or more. He can have envisioned himself being in a happy marriage with a happy wife and happy little children that he cared and took pride in providing for. It can be a huge let down for the man if the wife decides that she doesn’t want kids. Ultimately, it is her decision. Not all women feel that maternal feeling in the pit of their stomach. When I walk past a child, I can feel the yearning for one deep inside but in the same breath I am ambitious and want to succeed in life, no matter what it takes. I have a friend who sees a child get on the same bus as her and thinks great I hope that thing doesn’t cry the whole way there.

I believe that all of this can be avoided with a simple, yet over looked factor called discussion. There are things that one must know about their partner before actually taking the plunge and getting married. Love isn’t always enough and there are certain things that you need to discuss. Among them being having children. You should discuss money, finances, the way your partner spends and or saves money of course, as well as if you ever plan on moving anywhere, how and where you want to live. But having babies could be a deal breaker for some people and it should be one of the most important things a couple can talk about. So before you and your partner take that plunge, you should always be on the same page.  

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