When Did It Become Okay For Groupies To Disrespect The “G” Code


By G Code I’m just referring to morality all together. Face it, Groupies have been around since the dawn of time. Rappers and athletes aren’t the only one’s with them. In the world of rock music, they’re glorified. Some of your favorite politicians were probably groupies back in their day. The difference between them and the modern day groupie: The modern day groupie is out for blood.


These days a groupie isn’t just sleeping with you for sex or money. She’s sleeping with you to expose you. She’s carrying her iPhone, snapping pictures and screen shots of every encounter. She’s telling the world about your weird fetishes and she’s snitching to your wife back home. When did this become the norm? 


There’s a fine line between “kiss & tell” and exposing. I’ve become okay with the kiss & tell. Sometimes you have a story and you just want to get it out. That’s okay. It’s when you enter the relationship with the intentions of exposing. Even Karrine Steffans didn’t start this way. When Superhead got into the game her intentions were to use what she got to get what she wanted…and she did. She got a book deal, she sat on Oprah’s couch, she got more & more ballers. It probably wasn’t until her 2nd or 3rd book that she became desperate and began to disrespect the “G” code. She would snap pictures of Bobby Brown on her couch, expose Eddie Winslow’s anal beads fetish, things got real. 


Then there was Kat Stacks. She’s probably the #1 Violator of the G Code. She became so bad that she started her own blog to put every baller who’s crossed her on blast. She’s done everything from screen printing DM’s to doing WSHH videos as she laid beside a rapper in his bed. Did rapper’s stay away? Nope! More flocked. Obviously they were using that fame for themselves as well.


Then you have wannabe’s like Deion Sanders’ side-piece that send evidence of their sexual conquests to sites like Media Takeout. Because they didn’t plan things out strategically, they get absolutely nothing from it. These are the types that will try again and again until it finally works out in their favor. 


Now meet Justin Cruz, the young man who says he slept with Josh Selby. We wrote about him weeks ago (HERE) and Selby took to his twitter to say that a woman scorned was trying to hurt him. Well Cruz has come back to “out” more rappers and athletes, Ludacris, Yo Gotti, members of Travis Porter and Demarcus Cousins to name a few. He says that Roscoe Dash gave him $400 and Cousins bought him some Jordans. He accounts having sex with these men, texting these men and then changing his number so they can’t reach him. His reasoning for exposing these people: “God sent me to put all they asses on blast!”. Really?


Do you remember the physical altercations that Superhead and Kat Stacks found themselves in because they “put people on blast”? Where is the tranny that Eddie Murphy was caught with? Oh yeah, dead. The fact of the matter is people with a whole lot more money than you can find ways to make you disappear. It’s not really worth your life to show your face for 5 seconds of fame. Not to say that you’re lying, but do most people even care? We’ve become desensitized to this type of thing and soon enough finding out your favorite rapper was gay or seeing him DM a groupie won’t mean anything anymore. Might as well stick to the G Code and keep getting your free sex and money. It’s safer.


You can read the entire Justin Cruz interview HERE …. Do you agree with putting ballers on blast?

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