White House Economic Adviser “Conclusively” Confirms Phase 4 Coronavirus Relief Package

White House Economic Adviser “Conclusively” Confirms Phase 4 Coronavirus Relief Package

It looks like the White House is gearing up to cut the check again.

On Monday, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said that he could “conclusively” confirm a phase 4 coronavirus relief package is on its way to assist Americans during the current coronavirus pandemic further.

“As you read the reports and talk to people on both sides of the aisle on the Hill, it is increasingly clear that there will be an additional package,” Kudlow revealed to “Varney and Co.” “We will try to make it targeted, we will try to incentivize not just work, although work is crucial, and going back to work. We want to incentivize investments; we want a pro-growth package.”

Trump has publicly supported additional financial relief such as a payroll tax holiday, “modest” return to work bonuses, unemployment reform, a Paycheck Protection Program extension, targeted direct assistance, and a capital gains tax holiday.

Kudlow also said that he supports the idea of children heading back to school to get the economy rebooted.⠀⠀⠀

“We all agree kids need to be in school. Kids staying home do a lot of harm and damage to the kids. Interpersonal teaching is the best way to do it. You don’t want to miss another school year or a school year, which would set them back in terms of their actual learning process,” he said before adding, “Working parents and single moms, in particular, would have a difficult time if schools do not reopen.”

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