‘White Lies Matter’ Activist Group Holds Confederate Statue Hostage Until Demands Are Met: ‘We Took Their Toy And We Don’t Feel Guilty About It’

An activist group called “White Lies Matter” is holding the monument for Confederate President Jefferson Davis hostage until the group’s demands are met.

Confederate President Jefferson Davis’s statue will be “turned into a toilet,” a group of activists says if they don’t get what they are asking for. The activists want the group United Daughters of the Confederacy to hang a banner with an Assata Shakur quote on it outside of its headquarters.

They want it to be hung for 24 hours starting Friday for the anniversary of the Confederacy’s Civil War surrender. The quote from Shakur is, “The rulers of this country have always considered their property more important than our lives.”

The Jefferson Davis Memorial Chair is a chair carved out of stone, MSN reports. The activists removed it from Selma, Alabama’s Old Live Oak Cemetery in March. According to MSN, the group revealed they are behind the stealing of the statue, taking responsibility for it in emails they sent to local media outlets.

The group says the statue will be dumped on — literally. “Failure to do so will result in the monument, an ornate stone chair, immediately being turned into a toilet,” the group’s emails state, according to AL.Com. “If they do display the banner, not only will we return the chair intact, but we will clean it to boot.”

“We took their toy, and we don’t feel guilty about it,” they continue in the statement. “They never play with it anyway. They just want it there to remind us what they’ve done, what they are still willing to do. But the south won’t rise again. Not as the Confederacy. Because that coalition left out a large portion of its population. All that’s left of that nightmare is an obscenely heavy chair that’s a throne for a ghost whose greatest accomplishment was treason.”

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