White Kentucky Student Who Used Racial Slurs and Attacked Black Student Withdraws From School

White Kentucky Student Who Used Racial Slurs and Attacked Black Student Withdraws From School

The white University of Kentucky student who went viral for physically and verbally assaulting a Black student will withdraw from the school.

Sophia Rosing is expected to leave the university no later than this week after she was captured on camera violently hitting and spewing racial slurs at freshman Kylah Spring, who was working the front desk of a campus dorm Sunday morning.  Rosing, who is a senior, appeared drunk and repeatedly struck Spring while calling her the N-word several times.  Spring practiced a commendable amount of restraint as she pleaded with Rosing to stop and tried holding her wrists to prevent further attacks.  The assault began after Spring, and another student tried helping Rosing, who was stumbling.  Rosing was arrested shortly after 4:00 a.m. Sunday and charged with public intoxication, third-degree assault on a police officer, fourth-degree assault, and second-degree disorderly conduct.  She reportedly told the arresting officer that she has “lots of money” and is “privileged” before kicking the back of his seat in the patrol car and biting his hand.

On Tuesday, her attorney Fred Peters confirmed that the “very embarrassed and humiliated young lady” will leave the school and receive treatment to “help her through this situation.”

Even if she had not withdrawn from college, Rosing would have likely been booted from the campus, given that a conduct review was underway.  UK president Eli Capilouto condemned her actions and praised Strong for the way she handled the racist woman.

In addition to being without an educational home during her senior year, Rosing was also fired from her job at a local Dillard’s store after the video was shared on TikTok and quickly spread across social media platforms.

Rosing was released on a $10,000 cash bond Monday night.  Her next court date is scheduled for November 15th.

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