White Woman Recorded In Racist Rant Identified As Heather Lynn Patton

Another white person has been caught on camera brazenly saying the N-word, and this time social media has named her Hateful Heather.

However, according to Heavy.com, the woman has been identified as Heather Lynn Patton. 

Patton was recorded on video in a CVS Pharmacy in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, screaming and spewing hate.  The video, which was recorded on Sept 24th, went viral the following day, as users rushed to identify the woman.

When the video begins, Patton is seen leaving the pharmacy, screaming and jumping up and down. 

As Patton is walking into the parking lot, she screams, “F*ck you n*ggers! I hate n*ggers.” She then adds, “I would kill a n*gger, but the law says I can’t kill the n*ggers. If the law didn’t say I couldn’t kill the n*ggers, they’d all be dead!”

One eyewitness said the incident came out of nowhere. “It was quiet in CVS & then someone just yelled the n-word and then it was quiet again & then that woman started screeching racist stuff towards a Black woman (who shot that video). There was no build-up or prior altercation,” Renee Saldana explained on Twitter. 

In the video, an eyewitness can be heard making a 911 call and telling the dispatcher that Patton “drove into the parking lot like a crazy person.” 

It is not clear if police responded to the CVS or if an investigation is ongoing. But, according to the publication, the woman is described as “a 49-year-old Los Angeles resident who works in the TV and movie industry as a costume designer, wardrobe assistant, costumer and in various other film crew roles.”

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