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Amazon Opens First Whole Foods With “Just Walk Out” Technology and No Cashiers

Amazon has opened its first Whole Foods store location with no cashiers.

No more engaging with a person when buying your products if you’re going to Whole Foods located in Washington, D.C.’s Glover Park neighborhood. The store has been there for more than 20 years, but for the first time as of Feb. 23, human cashiers will no longer be helping you purchase your goods, as they’ve been replaced with Just Walk Out technology.

Amazon has been utilizing this technology in its larger Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh stores but this will be the first time the machines will appear in Whole Foods, which Amazon.com owns. The company bought the grocery store chain in 2017 for $13.7 billion.

According to a New York Times reporter who visited the store uses palm-recognition technology for entry along with QR codes. While there are no cashiers, workers will teach customers how to operate the cashier-less technology.

The Verge reports that other non-human-operated machines include bread slicers for customers who want to slice their own loaves of bread.

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