Whoopi Goldberg Reveals She 'Wants' The Wheel of Fortune Hosting Job: "I Think it'd be Lots of Fun"
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Whoopi Goldberg Criticizes Millennials Again After Receiving Backlash For Suggesting They Have Poor Work Ethics: “If You Want A House, You Can’t Work A Four-Day Work Week” [Video]

Once more, Whoopi Goldberg has criticized millennials, this time in response to backlash after claiming younger individuals only want to work four days a week.

Last Thursday, Goldberg mentioned that she had drawn complaints from millennials for her earlier remarks criticizing their work ethic. The conversation among the co-hosts revolved around the divorce of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, with some suggesting that Turner might have been too young for marriage.

“Women, when we were kids, there was a standard women had to follow. You were a parent. You became a parent and you worked. I never knew women who did not work,” Goldberg said. “That’s why I have an interesting time when we talk about millennials. They’re very pissed at me right now, the young people.”

During the subsequent segment, Goldberg elaborated on her reasons and reinforced her criticism of the younger generations.

“Young people need to know it’s hard. It’s always been hard,” Goldberg added. “It will always be hard. That’s the nature of moving forward. You’re always moving through something. You’re always trying to get where you need to be. I just want you to be realistic and understand, if you want a house, you can’t work a four-day work week. You have to work longer than that.”

If you’re not aware, during Wednesday’s episode of “The View,” the co-hosts engaged in a discussion about the reasons behind why millennials are postponing parenthood.

“I’m sorry. Every generation comes and wants to do better than their parents did,” Goldberg said. “But I’m sorry, if you only want to work four hours it’s going to be harder for you to get a house.”

She continued, “I feel for everybody that feels this, but, I’m sorry, we busted our behinds, we had to bust our behinds, because we didn’t have the option of going back. We had all kinds of stuff.”

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