Whoopi Goldberg Reveals She 'Wants' The Wheel of Fortune Hosting Job: "I Think it'd be Lots of Fun"
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Whoopi Goldberg Sorry For Using the ‘Offensive’ Term “Gypped” on The View: “I Should Have Thought About It A Little Longer” [Video]

Whoopi Goldberg has issued an apology for using an offensive term during a recent episode of ‘The View.”

Following Wednesday’s episode, the talk show host apologized for using the word “gypped” while discussing Donald Trump and his supporters. Goldberg said the former president’s supporters believed he was “gypped” in the 2020 presidential election.

The longtime slang term, which can be defined as being defrauded, cheated, or swindled, is viewed as a slur by some because of its association with “Gypsies.”

“You know, when you’re a certain age, you use words that you know from when you’re a kid or you remember saying, and that’s what I did today and I shouldn’t have,” Goldberg explained in her apology video. “I should have thought about it a little longer before I said it, but I didn’t, and I should have said ‘cheated’ and I used another word. And I’m really, really sorry.”

This isn’t the first time Goldberg has come under fire for her statements and remarks. Last year, she made a comment about the Holocaust on an episode of “The View.” She was suspended for saying the tragic event was “not about race” but “white supremacy.”

Goldberg later apologized for her comment and says the entire ordeal was a misunderstanding.

“I believe that the Holocaust was about race, and I am still as sorry now as I was then that I upset, hurt and angered people. My sincere apologies again, especially to everyone who thought this was a fresh rehash of the subject. I promise it was not. In this time of rising antisemitism, I want to be very clear when I say that I always stood with the Jewish people and always will. My support for them has not wavered and never will.”

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