Why Broke Men Are Mad At Women Who Want Men With Money

Anytime a woman wants a man of certain social status, or a man with money society labels her a gold digger. The problem is, who really lives their entire life saying they want a broke man? 

Growing up we dream about the knight in shining armor rescuing us and giving us a beautiful life of 2.5 children and a white picket fence. The man is the breadwinner. Nowhere in that equation is he broke. Why is it that when we look for a man who can give us this lifestyle we’re stigmatized as being money hungry? Well the answer is simple, broke men have a problem.

What is the broke man’s problem with women wanting a man with money? Is it because he can’t provide for her so no woman is looking in his general direction. Is it his ego that won’t allow him to believe that maybe the man with money has it better than it does? Is it the fact that he’s insecure about not being able to provide for a household that he somehow blames the woman for his short comings? Face it, men have things that they look for in women too. I don’t see any broke men saying that they would pay the bills of the woman they loved. I’m not saying we need our bills paid, but it sure feels nice to have that load taken off of our back sometimes. 

How come it’s considered a sin in the broke man’s eyes for a woman to have standards. Since we don’t want a scrub something has to be wrong with us? Can’t we just be accustomed to nice things and want to continue that lifestyle? Who wants to spend their own money if there are people who don’t mind spending theirs on you. How is that our own fault?

Broke men, you’re battling the wrong people. Your problem is not with us, it is with yourself and your insecurities. There are plenty of broke women out there for you and should you choose one, you guys could live brokingly ever after.

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