Why I Broke Up With My Boyfriend – He Was Using Up His Roaming Minutes

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“Why I Broke Up With My Boyfriend – He Was Using Up His Roaming Minutes”


The things that happened to me only happen in the movies. My boyfriend supports he’s ex girlfriend’s Son. The boy is 5years old now and He supports him knowing he is not his son? He said he’s been there for him since he was 6months old and He’s the only father the boy knows and that’s why he started supporting him100% because he doesn’t want the boy to grow up without a father like he did.
Anyways I asked him multiple times about his relationship with the mother. He assured me that it’s over because she cheated on him with a ball player. He also said she’s is a liability and I’m an asset. I felt closer to him because we have the same past and the same birthday. I dated a ball player for two years and he cheated on me too. We’re both hurt broken people trying to heal each other, I guess.
Well he was a perfect man…so I thought. He moved from NY for me… He tells me he loves me and how beautiful I am every morning and he’s also a business owner. Drives fancy cars, dines at fancy restaurants, enjoys shopping and traveling. He was a dream come true!! We met on my birthday a year ago in Miami. We both have the same birthday and I felt like he was my soul mate because we are both business minded people and we understand each other.
We planned a trip to Europe , middle east and Africa (where I’m from) to let him meet my family for our anniversary/birthday and to see if we can expand his business internationally. On our trip he always stayed up and text someone and I pretend I don’t see him. One night I got up and caught him texting in the middle of the night, he jerked and tossed his phone. I told him not to fucken do that and make me think he’s doing something sneaky. He promised he was just talking to his son. It’s night in Africa and day time in the US so I believed him but us women, we will feel it when our man is up to something.
I waited until we got to another country where he got comfortable and left his phone behind. We were in this beautiful hotel getting a massage and mine ended early so I went to the room. Well, in the bedroom daddy left his phone. Lol I knew his code but he doesn’t know that I know it. I opened it and went thru it… For the 1st 5min I didn’t get anything cause I was looking for it under the wrong name. He saved his ex (the baby mother) under his friend’s name. I opened it. My heart dropped.
She sent him pictures and videos and they are talking like they never broke up. Telling each other I love you’s and everything. The most nasty thing I read was he was telling her to take her birth control out so they can have a baby. Everything he tells me, he tells her too. They fuck raw and we do too. I wanted to throw up. I was mortified!! He told her the trip he made with me was a business trip so she won’t get mad. He also told her that I’m only his business partner and he’s gonna be a billionaire cause of my business plans in Africa. Basically he told her he’s using me and she was ok with it. When I confronted him he said I was reading too much into it and its nothing. Then when he knew i was serious he said she has something on him and he has to talk to her a certain way to help her move on. He said she’s blackmailing him. I’m thinking “this nigga think I’m stupid”.
I cut my trip short and took the next flight home. Come to find out when he moved from NY he kept his place so he goes back there when I work and come back for weekends so 3days with me 4days in NY. He moved her to NY and he moved for me to ATL. He was living a double life. I don’t know how he did it cause I go to NY too . anyways He tried to make another story after story to get me back but I was done. I told him he wasn’t the only baller I dated and If I want a deceiver in my life I could have stayed with my ex! After all this happen I found out that the man I was dating was a con-artist even the name he was using is not him. The ID… The birthday… The credit card.. Everything was an alias. When I told him I know everything he said he’s embarrassed that he lied to me and he got lost.. I still don’t know his real name!!! one thing that piss me off that mothaheffa cut the cake like it was his birthday. Smh. You really don’t know who u lays down next to!!

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