Why Is He Only A Good Father When We’re Together?

It’s something that has been going on for a long time, but there really hasn’t been an answer for it. 

When a man and a woman have children together he always seems to be a stand up guy. He’s there for the children physically, financially, and emotionally. He is Father Of The Year while he’s with you, but when things go sour in the relationship, why is it hard to even get a Mc Donald’s Happy Meal and a phone call for his children? Now, this isn’t exclusive to just Ballers, although I do want to throw out there that they do it too. Now, I know what many of you will say. You will probably say that the baby mama makes it unbearable to be around due to her antics and the guy doesn’t want that headache. To that I say, oh f-cking well! You can’t provide for your kids when it’s easy an convenient then totally cut them off just because their mother is a pain in the ass. It doesn’t work that way. They’re still children. Correction, they’re still YOUR children.

This definitely isn’t a baby daddy bashing session. I’ve seen it personally first hand. Baby Daddy moves on, gets a new life and all of a sudden forgets about the lives he’s already made. It makes you start to think. Was he only taking care of his children because they were in his face every day as a reminder? Does he need to be reminded to be responsible? Maybe he’s just vindictive and it’s hard for him to be the bigger person. Either way, it’s terribly sad for the children. Those are the ones who really get hurt.

And women : you’re not off the hook either! When the relationship goes south, let a man be a man. Just because he’s not with you doesn’t mean he can’t be there for his kids. Don’t make every visit about you! It’s not about you! If you allow him to feel welcomed to take care of his business, it’s likely that he will. If you pressure him, argue with him and frustrate him every time he attempts to come around, chances are he’ll stop coming around. Let’s try to make some changes in the family dynamic. It’s going to take a lot to change the decreasing amount of dual family households, but we can at least take positive strides towards dual parenting.

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