Why Men Choose Strippers


A recent interview prompted me to write this. It seems that as women, we can’t quite figure out why men would want to wife a stripper If you look at it from a man’s point of view, it’s actually quite simple actually. 


Let’s assume he meets her at her job, the strip club. From the moment he sees her she is completely exposed to him. She has absolutely nothing to hide behind. Us 9 to 5 women have a lot that we use as a cover up, starting with simply our clothes. By default, in his mind, she exudes more confidence. She’s uninhibited. Whether she is truly more confident than you? He doesn’t know and he doesn’t take any time to find out. By default, for her to get on that stage every night, she’s got gusto.


Then you have the man who wants to save every woman from herself. I call this kind of man Drake. They become fascinated by strippers because they believe every stripper has a story. They believe every stripper has some kind of daddy issue that has them looking for love in all the wrong places. They assume. They forget that there are many struggling women out in the world and just because a woman chooses to dance doesn’t mean that she is one of them. When a stripper, like any other woman, gets wind of this type of man she will instantly turn on her struggle. Its not hard to fabricate your life into a Tyler Perry movie for a man who’s willing to spend a ton of money on you. It’s even easier for you to let him think he rescued you from the pole as long as he keeps the checks coming in.


Last but not least, from the beginning he knows what her intentions are — money. Some men just need someone to talk to, someone to rescue them from their crazy home life, so they pay a half-naked stranger to provide them a little extra attention. They are well aware of the hustle and yet they keep going back for more. Deep in the back of their minds they hope that all the love you’re showing them is genuine so they keep coming back for more. He knows from the get go that she is about her money and in a weird way, he respects that.



If you’re a regular 9 to 5 woman like myself and wonder why your man spends so much time away, try becoming his stripper. Try exuding confidence. Be uninhibited. Act like you need him to be your hero and give him the stage show of a lifetime. After you put it on him one good time, I’m sure he won’t have a reason to go anywhere else ever again.

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