Why Some Beautiful Women Prefer Less Attractive Men


It’s no secret that women want to be treated like princesses. It’s not a secret that they want to be adored, and catered to. I think we’ve all seen couples that we would consider “mis matched.” By mis matched I mean a beautiful girl with a less than attractive guy. Whats the first reason that pops into mind? That he must be loaded or he must be good in bed.

It does make you wonder how this less than attractive man pulled this beautiful girl off. She could have a ten but settles for a five. Women ultimately want a man to cater to her every need. Women want a man that will take care of her, that will make her genuinely happy. Speaking of experience, the hot one’s always suck. Now I don’t want to classify every man into that category because that would be unfair and I don’t want to come off as cynical, but ive dated my fair share of attractive men and my fair share of not so attractive men and to be perfectly honest, the less attractive they are the more in awe they are of you. The compliments never stop, the admiration never stops. In bed, hot men tend to be selfish, they might as well have used their right hand for all your good for. Wam, bam, and thank you ma’am. “so uh, what are you doing today?” Bye Felipe.

Love is an amazing thing. Love is something that is incomparable, that infatuation you have and that devotion that you have to that other person is something short of miraculous. But women like to fall for a man who worships the ground that she walks on. Women fall for the man that would do anything to please her.

Elite daily says that it is based on evolution. Men are more concerned than ever with the appearance of the woman that they hold on their arm, women though are less obsessed with the looks of the their other half. Men who are hotter than their wives are actually more likely to take their woman for granted. They are more likely to believe that they can always do better. As the increase of divorce rate goes up, you start to wonder if maybe searching for what your parents had just isn’t going to cut it in this day and age. It makes sense that a woman be more attractive than the man she is with. That man will adore the floor that she walks on and men ultimately want a woman that they can show off and call a prize.

It is more likely for a woman to want love, to want to feel appreciated and to need to hear it than men. Men fulfill their emotional connections other ways. So when a man is more attractive than his wife he doesn’t value her as much, doesn’t hold her on the pedestal that she would like to be placed. Every woman wants to feel like a princess. Studies show that having a man that is less attractive than their female counterpart makes for a happier marriage. It makes women feel though their man is less likely to leave them, it makes them feel more secure in a relationship.

Men are definitely the more shallow of the two. Less attractive men pursue women more than men that are attractive. Less attractive men bring flowers and shower you with attention, which is what women want. The more attractive the man is, the less he feels he needs to put an effort in getting you. He knows he’s a catch so he decides he doesn’t really have to work for it. Hell, its always been handed to him, why should he work for you? Especially now with social media.

You also have to take into account that women have to ultimately choose between looks and personality. You really cant have it all. When a man is good looking, he knows it there fore he works less for women. When a man is less attractive he adores the ground you walk on. Ever walk into a bar and see heads turn? See a guy’s eyes widen at the sight of you? You aren’t attracted to him initially but he adorns you with compliments, he cant keep his eyes off of you. Why would a pretty woman choose to chase a man when they in turn can actually be chased?

There are men that are just waiting for girls to approach them. They plop themselves on the bar stool and wait as in the world starts and stops with them. Since when is it the woman’s job to chase the man?they believe that any woman that is with them is lucky to even have his time. The less attractive man treats a woman as if she is gold. Take it from me, the less attractive man is going to treat you like the princess your daddy taught you you should be treated like. The hotter guys, well, they think they’re the trophy and they’ve just got it all wrong. So it isn’t about the money, it isn’t about the bed room fun, its about the way they treat their beautiful women. Why be with a man who thinks he’s better looking than you when you can be with someone who is proud to have you on their arm?

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