Wife Vs. Wifey: Which Would You Rather Be?

There is clearly a difference between Wife and Wifey and it’s more than just the letter “Y”. Is it possible that becoming a Wifey has been the ultimate title to strive for and has surpassed the urge to become a wife? Is it possible that we no longer need to put a ring on it to feel validated. Let’s compare the two and you decide which is better. 


Wife: The wife is the woman with the ring. She is in a committed relationship. She’s gone through ups and downs with her husband and he loved her enough to go before God and his family to promise to protect, honor and obey her. When the man stands by these vows things are usually fantastic but we all know that things don’t always work out the way we want them to. When things go bad they can go really bad for the wife. The wife is the one stuck with the kids while her husband is away. The wife is the one who has to go through a long drawn out divorce when the marriage falls apart. The wife is the one who has to hold her head up high and pick up the pieces. In all actuality, it’s pretty hard to become the wife these days. Many men are scared to make that big of a commitment. They all have different reasons but at the end of the day, the wife title may become more and more unattainable. 


Wifey: The wifey role has become more of an acceptable thing as generations go on. The wifey title allows leniency. He’s committed to you, yet he can walk away scott free if things don’t work out. The man is still responsible for being committed to wifey, don’t confuse wifey for a jump off or just some girl he’s seeing. Wifey has been around for a while and also has a bit of a history. She’s his ride or die, he loves her and it’s obvious. Some say wifey is in training to become the wife, but lots of times she’ll never get there. Some say once you go wifey, you remain wifey. Wifey’s tend to have the hardest time getting their man to finally put a ring on it. This could serve as the major down side to the wifey. She wants more but is unsure how to go about getting it, she may never get it at all. Her man has become complacent with where things are.

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