Baller Alert Exclusive: Will Packer Shares The Key To A Successful Relationship And Talks His New Movie “The Photograph”

Will Packer opened up about his latest movie “The Photograph,” starring Issa Rae and Lakeith Stanfield, opening in theaters on Valentine’s Day.

In the Baller Alert Exclusive, Packer, the producer behind hit movies like “Little,” “Girls Trip” and “Night School,” shared that he had been wanting to make a love story for a while and Stella Meghie, the film’s writer and director was the missing piece.

“Stella brought us an amazing script, she’s such a strong visionary, she wanted to make a film that truly represented characters, images,  folks we don’t see enough of, and I wanted to make sure that I support her in doing that,” Packer told BA.

Packer assured that audiences will continue to see representation and black love on screen in all its forms. “You see the ups and downs and challenges that it goes through.” He even referenced his own marriage as an example, complimenting his beautiful wife, Heather, who was standing by his side.

“This is my soulmate, this is somebody that completes me, and because she supports me the way that she does, I can go out and conquer the world,” he shared.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

When asked what keeps their successful relationship in sync, the couple shared that the key is to not take each other too seriously and to “have fun together; he’s my best friend,” Mrs. Packer said.

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