Wine Drinkers Have Better Memory Health, According to New Study

Wine Drinkers Have Better Memory Health, According to New Study

Wine drinkers everywhere have beat the “wino” allegations, as a new study proves consuming the beverage can help prevent memory loss. 

According to a study recently published in the American Academy of Neurology medical journal, consuming the flavonols, the antioxidants found in wine, can greatly slow the rate of cognitive decline. Flavonols protect cells, including neurons. Therefore, they are believed to influence cognitive health significantly, explained Dr. David Katz, who was not involved in the analysis.

The study was conducted using 961 participants aged 60 to 100 for the Rush Memory and Aging Project. The Chicago residents were monitored for 6.9 years. Their mental performance was measured annually through 19 standardized tests. Flavonol intake was among the elements being closely analyzed. A slower rate of memory deterioration was linked to a higher dietary intake of total flavonols and flavonol components.

Wine is not the only way to take in more flavonols for those looking to improve their overall memory health. This vital ingredient is also found in vegetables, fruits, and tea. 

“It’s exciting that our study shows making specific diet choices may lead to a slower rate of cognitive decline,” stated Dr. Thomas Holland, an instructor at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, who also authored the study. 

This is not the first time wine has been linked to quality memory well-being. A November 2020 study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s disease also suggested that consuming wine and cheese could protect people from age-related memory problems. 

So with this in mind, the next time someone complains about your drinking habits, tell them you are protecting your mind. 


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