Wisconsin’s Recount Affirms Joe Biden Election Victory Over Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s attempts to prove that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him continues to weaken as yet another recount affirms President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over him.

In one of Wisconsin’s largest counties, Dane County, a recount request by the Trump campaign showed that Biden won by 181,340 votes following the recount. The finished recount, along with Friday’s recount in Milwaukee County, puts Biden in a prime position to become the certified winner when the Wisconsin Elections Commission certifies the state’s election results on Tuesday, CNN reports.

Due to mostly a lack of signatures on ballots from either voters or witnesses, both candidates saw a decrease in election night vote totals in Dane County. Biden lost 91 votes, while Trump lost 46 in the recount.

In Milwaukee County, the only other state county that was a part of Trump’s campaign request, Biden saw a gain of 132 votes during the recount.

Even as the recount maintains that Biden won the state of Wisconsin over Trump, Trump continues to put out claims of “widespread voter fraud”.

During an interview on Fox News, Trump called Milwaukee and two other major cities “among the most dishonest political places,” as he mentioned several conspiracy theories that were a “well-coordinated attack” on his campaign.

On Saturday afternoon, Trump tweeted that his campaign intends to challenge the results of the Wisconsin recount in court.

Joe Biden and DOnald Trump
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