WNBA Star Goes Missing After Being Released From Police Custody Following Arrest in Los Angeles

WNBA icon Cappie Pondexter has been found after it was reported that she went missing following an arrest.

According to TMZ, Pondexter was taken into custody Tuesday and booked on a misdemeanor battery charge. However, Pondexter reportedly refused to identify herself, so she was booked as “Jane Doe,” and held in custody until she was released early Tuesday.

There are no concrete details about the alleged incident, but the star was said to have gone missing after people close to her said they hadn’t seen or heard from her since Monday, TMZ reports. On Thursday, the WNBPA released a statement saying, “We are sharing this out of concern for our fellow WNBPA sister, Cappie Pondexter.” It continued: “If you have any information, please contact authorities. Please help us spread the word and ensure that she is safe.”

That same day shortly after noon, Pondexter’s rep, Chuck Walton, revealed the star went missing after she was released from police custody. People close to her said they believed she had walked off somewhere in downtown L.A., according to TMZ, and many grew concerned for her safety and health.

But around 4:36 p.m., news reports said that Pondexter had been found in Los Angeles. As a result, her team is trying to assess the matter and figure out their next move.

Cappie Pondexter @Cappa23
Cappie Pondexter @Cappa23

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