Woman Accuses Chris Brown Of Punching Her In The Face

It wasn’t long before the drama got started in 2016. According to TMZ, a woman is claiming that Chris Brown punched her in the face and now the incident is being investigated by Las Vegas police. 

According to TMZ’s report, Liziane Gutierrez, the alleged victim, says that on early Saturday morning she was partying at a private party in Chris’ suite at the Palms in Vegas. As you know, Chris has a strict “no cellphones” policy but the victim says she was able to sneak her phone in without Chris’ security noticing. Allegedly she took a pic of Chris and he went off, yelling at her, and allegedly punching her in her right eye. 

She says she then left the party and called the police a few hours later. She didn’t go to the hospital. 

Apparently Liziane is a Brazilian model. I’m not sure how old she is. Personally, I don’t think Chris would put himself in this situation again after trying so hard to clean up his image but we will see what authorities come up with. 

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