Woman Beaten & Dragged From D.C. Metrobus After Asking Teens to Stop Cursing [Video]

Woman Beaten & Dragged From D.C. Metrobus After Asking Teens to Stop Cursing [Video]

A disturbing video has surfaced online showing a woman being brutally beaten and dragged off a D.C. bus. 

The footage was taken this week, showing the woman, now identified as Kyla Thurston, on the floor of the bus being kicked, punched, and even choked by a group of teenagers and at least one adult. They dragged the woman off the Metrobus when it came to a stop as other passengers watched in horror. The unidentified witness who recorded the incident says the victim had given up her seat to allow her family to sit. When Thurston asked a group of rowdy teenagers to stop cursing, they began brutally beating her. 

While the woman was being assaulted, she did not attempt to fight back. Witnesses heard her praying instead and begging the driver to stop the bus moments before it stopped moving. 

Speaking exclusively with Fox 5, Thurston said praying was her only defense mechanism during the attack. The shaken-up woman sustained bruises, and her clothing was ripped during the altercation. However, she is just thankful to be alive and wonders why the driver did not call for help. Thurston also said she is not upset that other bus riders didn’t step in because she understood they likely feared for their safety. Going forward, Thurston hopes the Metro will implement new ways to protect its passengers. 

Metro issued a statement, calling the incident “disturbing” and “unacceptable.” The Metro Transit Police Department has launched an investigation and is working to identify the assailants.


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