Woman Claiming To Be Tim Tebow’s Girlfriend Is Arrested For Trespassing

Tim Tebow says he now feels safe after a Colorado woman was arrested and charged with trespassing at First Data Field, claiming she was there because she was in a relationship with him.


On February 26, at around 5pm, New York Mets staff members reported a woman, later identified as  Michelle Marie Thompson, 36, had been at the complex in Port St. Lucie for several hours, inquiring about Tim Tebow. The Mets minor league team was facing off against the Detroit Tigers in the third game of the Mets’ spring training season on that day.  When asked by a police officer for identification, the officer noticed a small sticker that read “I (heart symbol) Jesus/Tim Tebow” on her driver’s license. When asked why she was there, Thompson said that she and Tebow were in a relationship. When asked what kind of relationship, Thompson said that she did not feel it was appropriate for him to ask such a question. The officer tried to get Thompson to specify if the relationship was friendly, platonic, romantic or matrimonial, to which Thompson giggled and answered, “all of the above.”


Thompson was escorted off the premises and asked not to return. However, she did not heed the warnings and returned two days later. Fortunately, Tebow and his team were at an away game against the Miami Marlins in Jupiter. Thompson was arrested and held on $750 bail.


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