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Woman Dies From Flesh-Eating Bacteria On Handcuffs Used During Sex

Most of us grown folks like to get freaky in the bedroom from time to time, but this story might make you think twice the next time your partner wants to break out the handcuffs.


A 24-year-old mother from the U.K. contracted a rare flesh-eating bacteria after being injured while using restraints during some New Year’s Eve sex with her long-time boyfriend.


After their night of fun, Katie Widdowson went to work on New Year’s Day. However, she began experiencing a lot of pain in her wrist and complained that she couldn’t move it. She also complained that she was unable to feel her fingers, and the pain was spreading up her arm. After consulting with two different doctors and getting an x-ray, she was told it was just a sprain and was sent home with painkillers. In hindsight, her temperature, heart rate, and pulse were all abnormal, and she should have never been released.


The next day, Widdowson woke up in even more pain and had developed blisters on the area. She was rushed to a hospital but suffered a heart attack in the ambulance and passed away.


It turns out that Katie had contracted Necrotising Fasciitis, a flesh-eating bacterial infection.  The killer disease can be caused by a small cut on someone’s skin which can quickly develop into a deadly bacteria.
According to the coroner’s report, she should have remained in the hospital and undergone major surgery but instead was sent home with a fatal misdiagnosis. If she had remained in the hospital, her death would have more than likely been avoidable. Instead, she died from a bacterial infection the next day.


“They flagrantly ignored the policy that was there for the very situation Katie found herself in,” said assistant coroner Emma Brown. “Her early warning score was six and should have resulted in regular and ongoing observations and further investigations. These were not carried out. If Katie had remained in hospital, it is clear that her death would have been avoidable. These mistakes amounted to a gross failure to provide basic medical attention.”


To no surprise, her husband and family plan to take legal action over the hospital’s negligence.



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