Ozempic and Mounjaro Makers Sued for Alleged 'Stomach Paralysis' Side Effects

A Woman Faces Possible Lifelong Diarrhea Following Her Use Of Ozempic Injections

An unidentified woman may experience lifelong diarrhea due to a severe bowel injury resulting from Ozempic injections.

Since November, the woman has joined a group of twelve individuals in filing lawsuits against Novo Nordisk, the parent company of Ozempic and the sister drug Wegovy. All the plaintiffs allege that the injections led to gastroparesis, a rare condition impacting the natural movement of the stomach muscles.

As per the lawsuit, the woman received a diagnosis of a “life-threatening bowel injury” following her use of Ozempic. This led to surgeons conducting an eight-hour operation to attempt to repair her colon. Despite surviving this critical medical episode, doctors reportedly informed her that she would experience pain “for the rest of her life” and would never have a solid bowel movement again.

The woman is currently alleging that Novo Nordisk failed to adequately warn about the risk of gastroparesis on the drugs’ packaging. It remains unclear whether she was using the medication for weight loss or diabetes treatment. Additionally, the duration of her medication use before the occurrence of the bowel injury is unknown.

Initially developed for individuals with Type 2 diabetes, doctors have prescribed both Ozempic and Wegovy to aid patients in weight loss. Administered once a week via injection into the stomach, thigh, or arm, these drugs, known as semaglutides, assist the pancreas in releasing the appropriate amount of insulin when blood sugar levels are elevated.

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