Woman Finds A Frog In Her Bag Of Salad, Keeps It As A Pet

There are lots of ways I might I react if I found a live animal in a bag of produce, but this definitely isn’t one of them.

A vegetarian named Becky Garfinkel recently bought a bag of spring mix from Target, but got a little more than she bargained for. After plating a salad, she was ready to dig in when she noticed a small frog, about the size of a dime, just chilling on her plate.

According to Garfinkel, “I was going to stab at it and take a bite, and I see it, and I scream.” She immediately became sick at the thought of it, and ran to the bathroom to throw up. While Becky was busy regurgitating her dinner, her husband noticed that the frog was still alive. He rushed it to the sink, rinsed off the salad dressing, and began to rub it’s belly in attempt to get it breathing normal again.

After the frog perked back up, The Garfinkels just couldn’t bring themselves to abandon it – so they decided to keep it as a pet. Appropriately enough, they named it Lucky because they said, “It’s lucky to be alive.”

Becky’s husband reached out to Target via their Facebook page, and initially they only offered the family a $5 gift card for their troubles. However, Target says they are now aware of the situation, and are working directly with the family and the manufacturer about the issue.

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