Woman Hits Jackpot at Casino Only to Find that Her Win is Null and Void


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Katrina Bookman’s pocket change turned into millions within a matter of minutes. While playing the slot machine at Resorts World Casino in Queens, NY, Bookman hit the jackpot winning $42.9 million. She even took a selfie as proof. When she approached customer service employees at the casino, however, they instantly crushed her dreams by stating that the machine had been malfunctioning.

According to ABC News, Bookman plans to sue the casino. After hearing the news, she was ushered away from the machine where casino employees asked her to return to the next day for their ruling on whether they would dish out the millions of dollars she won. But upon her return visit, employees rewarded Bookman with a steak dinner and said, “You didn’t win nothing.”

Alan Ripka, Bookman’s attorney, says the casino is responsible for paying his client at least the max amount that you can win from the machine, which is $6,500. “They win and the house doesn’t want to pay out,” Ripka said. “To me that’s unfair.”

Bookman says that when she won, she immediately began to plan for the future. She began to think of ways that she could help her community and assist her son in his dreams of owning a barbershop.

“I kept thinking about my family,” she said.

Since the incident, the machine has been repaired. The New York State Gaming Commission agrees with the casino, stating their rule that “malfunctions void all pays and plays.”

The entity also believes that Bookman’s correct winnings was only $2.25.

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