One Woman Killed After Intoxicated Man Drove Into Crowd Of Protestors

A woman was killed, and three others were injured late Sunday night after an intoxicated driver drove into a crowd of protestors in Minneapolis.

Deona Knajdek was standing outside of her car when an SUV hit her car, which in turn hit her.

Minneapolis Police say that the driver, Nicholas David Kraus, is in custody.

In Minneapolis, the Uptown neighborhood is in an uproar after U.S. Marshals shot and killed Winston Boogie Smith Jr. earlier this month.

A witness on the scene told KARE 11 that protestors are piecing together what happened.

“People were having a joyous time, and then for that to happen like you know, people are still reeling in from that. It’s a tragedy for sure.”

“You got 15 squad cars showing up, and they’re hopping out in riot gear before an ambulance shows up. That adds to the already intense and stressful situation.”

The three individuals that were injured were transported to a hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries.



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