Woman Receives More Than 150 Amazon Packages She Never Ordered

A woman received over 150 Amazon packages that didn’t belong to her, and now she’s going to donate the materials inside to local hospitals. 

Inside more than 150 Amazon packages were mask brackets, and none of them were ordered by their receiver Jillian Cannan. Cannan said the packages started arriving at her door on June 5, mentioning that she thought her business partner ordered them.

According to Times Now News, the boxes were addressed to her residence, but her name wasn’t listed. After confirming that her partner didn’t order them, Cannan reached out to Amazon. “Then they started coming by freight trucks on pallets in our driveway,” she told CNN. By that point, Cannan had received more than 150 packages, which had thousands of mask brackets.

The company ended up letting Cannan know the correct recipient would be getting their own shipment of mask brackets and that Cannan could keep the load she got. Cannan decided to use the child-size brackets to create DIY mask kits for children at local hospitals. She will also be making DIY mask kits for adults. 

Amazon told the woman it would provide her with the rest of the supplies to make the mask kits to alleviate the inconvenience.


Jillian Cannan's Amazon Packages
Jillian Cannan’s Amazon Packages

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